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 Challenge Instructions:   Play for Fun or Play to win!

To solve the 'Word Search' Puzzle, Circle all 32 Star Wars Characters.  

  • All 'Characters' can be found on the Clues page 
  • .....or get access to  Ad Free Clues
  • Use the 'SAVE' button to save your progress and return later.
  • Use the 'Check Answers' button to remove incorrect answers, but you can only check answers up to 10 times! 
  • Tip:  Write down all the clues as you find them on the Clue Page and then solve the puzzle...or use the Ad Free clue list.
  • Tip: Use the 'Check answers' button before saving.
  • When you have completed the puzzle - click the 'SUBMIT' button to move on to the second puzzle.