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Code Word

   Challenge Instructions: Play for Fun or Play to win!

To solve this 'Code Word' puzzle, decipher the code by determining which letter each number represents.  The correct solution will reveal Star Wars 'Creature' Characters.  

  • Click 'START OVER' to clear the puzzle or begin again.
  • Click/tap on a numbered box and type in the letter that represents the number (or tap on a letter below the puzzle)  Example: click/tap on the box #23 and then type in or tap on the letter 'P' below the grid.
  • Find 6 letter solutions & images of Creatures on the Clues page or get access to  Ad Free Clues.
  • When correctly solved, a message will pop up with instructions to access the next level puzzle.    
  • Tip:  Copy down all the letter clues and character names as you find them on the Clue Page first and then solve the puzzle.
  • Tip:  Use the PDF Button below the puzzle to print a copy of the puzzle.
  • When you have completed the puzzle - click the 'SUBMIT' button to move on to the final puzzle.